Kitchen Cabinet Guide Part 4: Spray vs. Brush & Roll

It’s getting closer to cabinet painting time and you’ll soon find yourself faced with another decision, should you spray your cabinets or brush and roll them?

Well, both methods have their pros and cons and both methods can produce great-looking results. Let’s dive in!

Brushing and Rolling Your Kitchen Cabinets


  • It’s easier and doesn’t have as big of a learning curve as spraying
  • Buying a brush and roller is cheaper than buying a sprayer
  • A high-quality brush and roller can produce a great looking finish
  • The prep work is a fraction of what’s required when spraying
  • You can break the job down into more manageable parts, which is almost impossible when spraying


  • You can’t get as smooth of a finish as you can when spraying
  • Paint goes on in thinner coats and can take additional coats to get proper coverage
  • Once prep work is done, paint application is slower than spraying

Spraying Your Kitchen Cabinets


  • Spraying can give you a perfectly smooth professional finish
  • Spraying applies paint heavier and in more even coats
  • Spraying applies paint faster than brushing and rolling


  • Spraying is a skill that takes practice and patience
  • It requires far more prep work since overspray can get all over the home if you don’t prep properly
  • Sprayers cost a lot more than brushes and rollers

I hope this helps you when deciding to spray or roll your cabinets.

And to keep you inspired, here's another kitchen I did recently - start to finish:

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