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Better then my Wooster brush

This DIY exterior brush is true quality. The look and feel of this brush exceeds my Wooster. Used on my garage trim and it performed excellent. Nice sharp strokes and no dripping. Love the stainless steel body. Hands down the best brush out there!

Top of the line brush

This wonderful brush arrived just as I started painting the outside of my home. I paint a lot & this is the best brush I have ever used. Excellent quality, easy clean up, very fast shipping. Thank you for offering quality products. I'll be ordering again.

A really nice paintbrush

This cabinet brush is a really nice paintbrush. The bristles are super soft yet firm enough to hold paint and spread it evenly. I don't know how they do it, but each bristle is individually tapered, which gives a feathery, even finish to your last stroke. I've painted a couple of bathroom vanities and some built-in cabinets with those home-center brushes, and they were OK. But it took extra work to get the brush strokes out. That isn't an issue with this brush. I think the good balance of the brush helps, too. My next project is to paint my 60-year-old kitchen cabinets (yikes!), and I'm looking forward to using this cabinet brush, particularly for the detail work. I'm really glad I found it.

Exterior brush

This brush was high quality and worked perfectly on an outdoor fence rehab. Thx for free brush, Ryan. You’ve been a huge help to this DIY’er!

Awesome brush!

This is my favorite brush so far after 12 years of painting.
Very comfortable and the smoothest paint application of all brushes I have used thus far.
Superb craftsmanship!

Great quality brush

I really like how sturdy and substantial the brush feels when you're holding it. You can tell a great deal of care went into the design and detail of the brush, something I can't say about any of my other paint brushes. The stainless steel is a nice touch. The bristles are also incredibly soft while still feeling functional and up to the task. I'm looking forward to utilizing the brush on my fairly major DIY kitchen renovation coming up (along with the super handy DIY Painting Guides!). Thanks, Ryan!

good brush

Very nice brush. Flows out well, great feel and cleans well!

Great for exterior stain

Used the brush for exterior log staining, held the stain great and applied the stain great. I love the seamless steel band, not having to worry about any nails coming loose. The brush looks like it's going to last a long time. Thank you DIY Painting for bringing this brush to market.

Awesome Cabinet Brush

I use my new cabinet brush to add a deeper Pecan stain to my cabinets. Then, used it to add polyurethane to the cabinets to keep them looking better longer. This brush performed wonderfully. I was able to keep a long smooth downward stroke as I applied the stain and polyurethane

Pretty good brush

I have used a few different types of Purdy brushes so I compared this brush to those. I found the bristles of this Wall Brush to be similar to Firm. Overall it was a pleasant painting experience with this brush but there is room for improvement, as there was quite a bit more bristle shedding compared to Purdy, and the ferrule of the brush is not magnetic so it is difficult to keep it out of the paint in my Handy Paint Pail.

Great little brush

Very nice, fits in the hand well, cleans easily and cuts in nicely. Comparable to my trusty old Wooster that finally bit the dust.

Nice soft bristles

Great brush!!! This brush is constructed with soft bristle tips that will not leave marks like other brushes. I used it to paint the parts of my kitchen cabinets that I couldn’t spray and it was outstanding!

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Solid - well crafted

I can’t believe how well made the brush is. I received my cabinet brush and it is very well made. It is not flimsy or cheap. The paint just flows on. Perfect

Quality brush, well balanced

As owner of two rental houses, and my own, we do a lot of painting. I've always bought high end brushes and maintain them. This cabinet brush easily matches those, it's well balanced in the hand with thick yet flexible bristles. Could I suggest a similar high quality narrower brush for trim and cutting in? With that, my paint box would be complete!

Walk brush my

Excellent brush!!


I always use the best quality brush I can find no matter what the cost. Quality always wins over quantity. But in this case I think I found the top of the line. This is a super quality brush with more bristles than I have experienced in any other brush. The ferrel is like a bug hunk of Stainless Steel. Although I haven't used it yet....I can't wait to see the difference.

Exceptional brush at a great price

I’ve been painting my own homes and rental properties myself for years, and this is the first brush I’ve used that I truly love and that has helped me (an “amateur painter”) get the results I want. This will be my go-to brush for exterior work from here on out!

Best brush for streak-free wall painting

I’ve been painting my own homes and rental properties myself for years, and this is the first brush I’ve used that I truly love and that has helped me (an “amateur painter”) get the results I want. This will be my go-to wall brush from here on out!

Beautiful custom cabinet brush

I’ve been painting my own homes and rental properties myself for years, and this is the first cabinet brush I’ve used that I truly love and that has helped me (an “amateur painter”) get the results I want. This will be my go-to brush for cabinets from here on out!

Great Brush

I received the cabinet brush as part of the promotion. I was planning on painting crown molding and thought the cabinet brush would be a good choice. I used Benjamin Moore Advanced paint and with this brush I got a very smooth finish. Clean up was easy as well.

The Original Wall Brush
Cheryl Deininger
Great Brush

I love this brush. It not only paints with an even coat, it holds a lot of paint and is easy to clean. The brush has quickly become my favorite brush. I don't know who makes it, but they did an awesome job and it is my favorite brush to use for cutting in. the easy clean up is just icing on the cake, but it's important and I love it.

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the kind words! We actually make this brush. You can't get it elsewhere! :) -Ryan

The Original Wall Brush
The Original Wall Brush

When I received the original wall brush, I opened up the brush. The first thing I noticed was how awesome it looked! From its sleek design to the engraving on the sleeve. The brush is totally soft and it fits my hand like a glove. I used the brush to cut- in my kitchen painting. I have used mostly Purdy brand brushes, but this brush made cutting in a breeze. It is a Cadillac!

Awesome Brush

Best brush I’ve ever used. Easy to clean. Paint goes on good. No brush marks. Handle is comfortable. Will definitely buy this brush again.

Wonderful brush

This brush is great! It fixes all the frustrating issues I've had in the past. (Bristles falling out, difficult to clean rust on metal...). Kuddos for doing something different and improving on the brush. The first noticeable difference when I opened it is the flat metal at the base. That made me so happy, I hate the metal crimping that seems to be impossible to clean. Thank you for fixing this (amoungst other things). I 100% recommend these brushes!

Exterior Brush

Well made brush that applies paint evenly and cleans up easily.