DIY Painting Supply

Hi, I’m Ryan Cunningham. I have been a painting contractor in the Minneapolis, MN area since 2001 and am currently running Grove Painting where I paint with my son Keegan.

After years of sharing painting tips and job follow-alongs on my YouTube channel and blog, I realized that the industry is making DIY painting projects HARDER for the homeowner and not EASIER.

Just walk down the paint brush aisle at your local big-box hardware store. That’s right, I said “paint brush aisle!”

Unlimited sizes. Foam, chinex, Nylon, natural, polyester, ox hair (serious) bristles. Dowel, fluted, short, beavertail handles. Chip brushes and fan and round and corner and utility and sash brushes. Come on!!! And that’s just the brushes.

Maybe for the professional. But we’re talking DIY here - weekend projects, trying to save some money, avoid five trips to the hardware store... and of course without sacrificing results!

DIY Painting Supply and our line of straight-forward DIY Brushes are my response to an ever-complicating world of unnecessary specialty products. Let me know what you think.

This is a family business. The amazing photography is courtesy of my talented wife Kelly. My daughter helps out on some of my paint jobs after school. My brother runs the website and his teenage kids help pack orders.

I love to hear from our viewers, readers, and customers, so please drop us a note with any questions or comments!

Thanks for stopping in!