Kitchen Cabinet Guide Part 3: All About Sheen

Let's chat about the perfect paint sheen for your kitchen cabinets.

Sheen is the degree of shine that the paint exhibits once it dries. Different levels of sheen can affect both the appearance and performance (think: cleanability!) of the paint.

With options ranging from Flat to Gloss, it can get a bit overwhelming. Let's take a quick look at each of them...

Flat is often overlooked for cabinets because it doesn't handle moisture or cleaning well, which is crucial in a kitchen.

Eggshell, a bit shinier, offers slightly better durability but still might not stand up to the daily wear and tear in a kitchen.

Satin is my absolute favorite for cabinets! It's the hands-down WINNER🏆 and here's why:

Satin hits the sweet spot with a soft sheen that's not too shiny but offers excellent durability and is easier to clean, making it perfect for the kitchen's hustle and bustle.

Here's a good picture showing Satin's perfect in-between properties:

I use Satin on roughly 95% of all the kitchen cabinets I paint and I always recommend it to every client I work with.

When the paint is still wet, it's going to look glossy like in this picture, but don't worry, it will mellow out when it dries!

Wrapping up our list...

Semi-Gloss is probably the second most common sheen used on kitchen cabinets. Semi-gloss offers higher durability and moisture resistance, but it can sometimes be too shiny, highlighting imperfections on your cabinets.

Gloss is the shiniest of them all, which can give a dramatic look, but in my opinion, it's too reflective and shows every fingerprint and smudge, making it less than ideal for a busy kitchen.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Satin sheen for its balanced aesthetics and functionality, perfect for giving your kitchen cabinets a beautiful and lasting finish.

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