Kitchen Cabinet Guide Part 7: The Best Brush for Painting Cabinets!

If you’ve ever bought a paint brush at a paint or hardware store, you’ve probably looked at their selection of 50+ brushes hanging on the wall and wondered “which one of these is best for my project?”

Well, I’ve decided to make selecting the right brush for your project incredibly easy.

I’ve taken my 23 years of professional painting experience and designed what I believe to be the absolute best paint brush for painting kitchen cabinets.

And then I went and I gave it an incredibly simple name...

The Original Cabinet Brush

How simple is that?!?

So what exactly makes this the perfect brush for painting kitchen cabinets?

Here's why this brush is a game-changer:

  • Ultra-soft polyester bristles that don't sacrifice control provide a super-smooth finish and they are incredibly easy to clean.
  • 2.5" Angled sash is the perfect size for balance, coverage, and getting into corners.
  • Seamless stainless steel ferrule provides a durability, rust-resistance, and bristle stability (and is a dream to clean)

When I was finally done designing this brush, I liked it so much I went ahead and made two more brushes, The Original Wall Brush and The Original Exterior Brush to help simplify selection for interior and exterior painters.

Most kitchen cabinet painting comes along with some wall painting, and you'll love The Original Wall Brush's bristle blend that gives you excellent control by adding stiff nylon bristles that are ideal for cutting in around trim, ceilings, and woodwork. 

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